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Biological systems are organized in an extremely complex fashion. They are stringently regulated and their mechanisms of function are not yet well explored. Understanding these systems is very important for biotechnology and for medical sciences as most diseases result from dysregulated cellular control mechanisms or signal processing. This study course is offered to students, interested in quantitative and systems oriented problems in systems biology and who are interested in being educated in the corresponding experimental methods and methods from systems theory.

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Bachelor and Master Theses

We encourage motivated students to apply for interdisciplinary bachelor and master theses (study degrees: Biology, Biosystems Technology, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Molecular Biosystems, Molecular Medicine, Integrative Neuroscience, or related subjects), or medical doctorate theses.

Applicants please send their application documents to:

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Lab-Rotation at the Department of Systems Biology

We offer our students the opportunity to join our team in the frame of a laboratory rotation. 

If interested, contact


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